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Waterlicious & Peanut Butter and Pickle Giveaway


I’m thirsty…it’s one of the things that I hear so many times a day from my 4 year old twin girls. I have learned that if one of them says it, then you had better come with 2 cups, cause the other will be thirsty too. I am normally pretty good about giving my girls only good stuff to drink. Yes there is the occasional cup of chocolate milk(unless we are at grandma’s then they get it alot:) and I do give them juice, but only “good juice”. But surprisingly they like drinking water!

I have been trying to limit what I give them(juices..etc..) because we are trying to learn about what’s healthy and what’s not. And SUGAR is not healthy! Yes, it is good, but soo bad for us!

Enter Waterlicious…yep, you’re right it sounds like a song….but it is a bottle of water for kids! All new, healthy and nutritious flavored bottled water. It is vitamin and fiber enhanced so your kids are getting the good stuff while drinking some good stuff!! It also contains Crystalline Fructose, which is a natural fruit sugar that is slow to absorb and does not adversely affect blood sugar levels. With flavors such as soccer berry, super apple,pineapple, peach, grape, lemon, Watermelon, Cherry and Strawberry Banana, you can’t go wrong. My girls loved the Soccer Berry! I had no problems getting them to drink the whole bottle! They also love that is looks like it’s for kids!! They want to be like mommy and have their own bottle, and now they can!

Buy It: You can purchase your own Waterlicious at

Win It:You can win your own 4 pack to try!! Just visit the above mentioned website and leave a comment telling me something interesting you learned!


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