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Peanut Butter & Pickle Review & Shop Flip & Tumble Giveaway

Flip and Tumble reuseable bags !!Giveaway!!

A friend of mine stumbled across this awesome re-usable shopping bag. She mentioned it in passing to me one day and showed me this strange little wadded up ball thing. I was amazed when she opened a flap and proceeded to pull out, magician style, a good sized nylon shopping bag!
Flip and Tumble was started by two friends who met during their studies at Stanford University’s Product Design course. Attempting to solve that ever present problem of having shopping bags but always forgetting to bring them along, they created the little wadded up ball magic trick that is Flip and Tumble.

I had the good fortune to receive two Flip and Tumbles in the mail in an answer to my request. My whole family fell in love with the bags. My daughter wanted to squeeze the ball, my five year old wanted to stash his action figures in one, and my eight year old said he like the colors and how it transformed from a bag to a ball. Even my husband, who never raises an eyebrow at any of my bags, paid these a bit of respect!
I liked them so well, I gave them to my mom the week after for her birthday! I had stashed them both in my diaper bag and had at least three occasions that week when I really needed a bag, and there they were, in all their versatile, ever-ready, tiny-big glory! After I gave them away, I missed them terribly, so I decided to shop for more.
Flip and Tumble offers a sort of bulk discount on bag orders. If you order 1-2 bags, they are $9 a bag. If you order 3-6 bags they are $8 a bag. These are great prices, BUT if you order 7 or more, they are a mere $7 per bag! So, here’s what I did: I emailed all my friends, told them how great the bags are, and collected 5 orders in addition to my own. So now we’re all paying just $7 for each bag and sharing shipping. Totally awesome!
If you’re looking for a fool proof way to shop green, go get your own Flip and Tumble bags! Not only are the bags super stylish and in fabulous colors, but they are said to hold up to 25 lbs!
Browse their website and you’ll flip for Flip and Tumble!

Win it:
One lucky reader will receive their very own Flip and Tumble!
Simply visit their site and tell us which bag suits your fancy.
Winner will receive one Flip and Tumble 24/7 bag.
Contest ends midnight, EST, Aug. 18, US only


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