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Tech40 & Sage & Savvy Giveaway


Sage & Savvy Review and Giveaway
Thanks to Tech4O, DH now has a fantastic men’s heart rate running watch that provides him with all sorts of information to help him get fit and reach his target heart rate whenever he runs or walks.

Tech4O is dedicated to developing smart new products with the latest technology to enhance your experience. Feel the adventure with Tech4O’s products for outdoor exploration and personal performance measurement. Boundaries are broken, your soul is set free, and the pursuit is greater with Tech4O.

We were fortunate to receive the Men’s Accelerator Pulse Watch (ARV $89.99) for DH to try out.

The features include:

Highly Accurate Accelerometer-based Exercise Mode(speed, distance, calories, steps, exercise time measurement)
Heart Rate Monitor with conventional chest strap
Chronograph (50 laps)
Countdown Timer

According to DH:
Although the instruction manual for the men’s heart rate running watch seemed a little complicated, it really wasn’t at all, and it took just a bit of time to set up the watch (adding your personal information–age, weight, etc., is very important!).

The chest strap took some time to get used to—it felt awkward at first, but after making some adjustments it felt fine.

While in use, the information on the watch seemed very accurate. My heart rate would increase on inclines, and the distance measured seemed to be right on target as well.

Each time I use it I try to increase my distance and calories burned while remaining within my target heart rate zone.

Overall, I felt that the Men’s Accelerator Pulse Watch is a very valuable tool for anyone who wants to keep track of their speed, distance, heart rate, and calories burned, especially for those serious trainers who want to monitor and improve their performance.

I, myself, thought this watch was very cool (Tech4O also offers a women’s heart rate running watch that is almost identical to the men’s heart rate running watch). It has so many great features that would be practical for all sorts of people–for those that want to lose weight, for those who want to ensure they are exercising within their target heart rate training zone, and even for those who are training for a marathon.

The Men’s Accelerator Pulse Watch is a useful watch for both casual and more serious walkers and runners, and you can find this watch and many other types of running watches on Tech4O.


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