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Natures Baby Organics & 5 Minutes For Mom Giveaway

Natures Baby Organics & 5 Minutes For Mom Giveaway

Nature’s Baby Organics – now debuting at Target!
Written by Stacey

Did you know that our skin is our largest organ? And, although our skin helps to protect our bodies, it is also semi-permeable? That simply means that our skin allows some materials and chemicals to be absorbed into our body. And the skin of infants and children is actually more permeable than that of adults!!!

Knowing this I was excited when I got the chance to try Nature’s Baby Organics!

The complete line of Nature’s Baby Organics offers everything from shampoo to calming spray and each product is made with 70%-95% Certified Organic Ingredients! All of the products are chemical free and each of them offers a complete ingredient disclosure, so you know exactly what is in the lotion you are lathering on your baby!

So, what sets Nature’s Baby Organics apart from the countless other organic baby products out there? Well, after using the products on my own kids, I’ve found three distinct features that sets them apart and puts them number one on my shopping list!

First, Nature’s Baby Organics is formulated for sensitive skin. My youngest daughter has very, very sensitive skin. Even the gentlest of products tend to make her skin break-out. From the first time I used Nature’s Baby products on her, her skin remained soft and break-out free! This was one of the big driving forces behind why the founder, Adena, created Nature’s Baby Organics.

Feature number 2: the smell! Yes, I did just say “the smell”. Have you ever noticed that many of the organic products out there just don’t have a very pleasant odor? When I wash my baby’s hair I want it left clean and smelling good. Nature’s Baby Organic products come in some very yummy smells like Vanilla-Tangerine and Lavender-Chamomile. Some of their products are also fragrance-free, allowing you to keep that natural newborn smell!

The last feature, and probably the one that really boosted Nature’s Baby up on my list, is how affordable it is! Nature’s Baby products are not only available on their site, at Babies R Us, and other various health-food stores, but Nature’s Baby Organics are now available at Target!!! (Go ahead, take a moment to do your Target happy dance!)


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