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Sweetly You Product Review & Giveaway

So, one day I am just browsing the internet, looking for some good deals and great products…and Sweetly You jumped out at me from nowhere! Have you heard of them? Well, if not…You should look them up at Sweetly You.

Sweetly You offers a variety of custom bath and body products with a huge selection of scents. They offer lotions, body scrubs, solid perfumes, soaps and more!

Kari, the owner, is a Mom of two toddlers, graduated college with a degree in Print Journalism and enjoys writing articles, photography, tending to her flower and vegetable flower garden and more in her free time. How can she fit any more into her schedule? Well, you know how Moms are, we have 10 arms, 6 ears, and 8 eyes so we can get everything we want done! And luckily for us, Kari has put the time in to create Sweetly You!

I must tell you, I got a kick out of their website…it totally drew me in…Why you ask???

First of all, their motto is “Sweetly You, Gifts for under 10.00!” Under 10.00? How awesome is that? Christmas is right around the corner you know…Second, the variety of scents offered is unbelievable…50 scents in all! And finally, they have flat rate shipping costs (always nice) that are usually less than the actual shipping costs.

I am a very lucky pup, I will tell you that. I was given the opportunity to review multiple products from Sweetly You.

Travel Perfume

I received 2 Travel Perfumes – One in Cotton Blossom and one in Buttercream. The Travel Perfume is a solid perfume that comes in the size of a standard lip balm jar. These were extremely convenient for me to use…I put one on my desk to use throughout the day and one in my purse. I put the “Buttercream” one on my desk…and it disappeared…where did it go? Did my dogs eat it because it smelled so sweet? Oh no…my daughter took it. I asked why she took it and she said “Because I need to smell good.” I like these because even though the jar is small, a little dab runs a long way so the jar will last a long time. My suggestion is to use it on your pulse points (wrists, behind the ears, in the crease of your elbow, behind your knees). The scent of solid perfumes lasts longer when you use it on your pulse points. It was also not greasy at all. Once you had it on, there was no left over “greasy” feeling – it dried immediately.

I really liked the Cotton Blossom scent – It smells clean and fresh, like your clothes smell when they first come out of the laundry. Just a wonderful scent when you want to smell “crisp” and “clean”. The Buttercream scent is very sweet, I mean, like you want to eat it sweet. If you are not into “sweet” smelling fragrances, this is not the scent for you. This was by far, my daughters favorite scent. It did smell very YUMMY!

Shea & Cocoa Butter Cream

I received the Shea & Cocoa Butter Cream in the Sweet Pea scent. I am a Sweet Pea fan, always have been, and so of course, this was my favorite scent I reviewed. This cream/lotion is made with Vitamin E, C, and Japanese Green Tea which, when combined together, provide relief from flaky and dry skin. You can use this in the summer to moisturize your body as well as during the winter to combat dry, chapped skin.

The cream is nice and thick, but does not leave any residue behind, just nice, soft skin. I used it all over my body, not just on my hands. The scent was not overwhelming, and I did not need to use a lot of it to get the job done!

Foaming Bath Butter

The Foaming Bath Butter ROCKS! I absolutely LOVE this soap. I will admit, when I first received this, I was not sure what to do with it…Did I put a chunk in the bath and let it foam like bubble bath, or was I actually supposed to use it as soap? I questioned what I was supposed to do with it because when I opened it, it looked very similar to a body scrub. So I ran to my pc and checked out the description of it. OK…so then I realized, you use this as soap..and I LOVED IT!

The Foaming Bath Butter “…is made with sweet almond oil, glycerine, and pink jojoba beads and has the consistency of a rich cake icing with tiny pink sprinkles”. Oh my gosh! That is exactly what it looks like – You are washing yourself with cake frosting with sprinkles!

I received the Foaming Bath Butter in Tropical Mango..MMM…MMM.. GOOD! This definitely smelled “tropical”… could it possibly be I was in the Hawaiian Islands taking a shower? Well, I wouldn’t go that far…but pretty close. Then, as to using it…I LOVED IT! It was not as “harsh” as using a body scrub, but it really did help slough off dead skin..and since it “foams” like a regular soap, a little goes a long way. It was also recommended on the website to use when shaving. Now, I could not convince my husband to use it on his face (too “girly” smelling and he has extremely sensitive skin on his face), but I did use it to shave (is that TMI?) and I really like it because my shins are always dry and flaky and this definitely helped.

Essential Sugar Scrub

Love, Love, did I say love? the Essential Sugar Scrub! The Essential Sugar Scrub is used to help scrub your old, dead skin cells off and leave you with a nice “glow”. Now, I did not see my skin “glowing,” but it sure did look good. I used this a couple times a week in combination with the Foaming Bath Butter and what a combo that made! The Essential Sugar Scrub got down to business with getting rid of the old skin cells with it’s scrubbing power, but not so much that it hurt or made my skin raw…and then using the Foaming Bath Butter afterward left my skin nice and silky.

I received this in the Hawaiian Breeze scent and it was “sweeter” smelling than I would have thought. Don’t get me wrong, it smelled DELICIOUS, but more like “candy” sweet as opposed to “flower” sweet.

Moisturizing Spray Lotion

Another Favorite! I was going to say I “loved” this product, but since I have used that word so much in this post, I thought maybe I should not use that word again…but how can I not! I LOVED the Moisturizing Spray Lotion!

The Moisturizing Spray Lotion is made with Natural Avocado Oil and Aloe Vera is described as a “skin booster” that offers “…your skin quality, effective moisturizing and repair.” This spray lotion is not a typical lotion in that it does not feel like lotion has been applied to your skin…instead, in my opinion, it leaves it “refreshed”. There is no other way for me to explain this. A “spray” here and there will definitely refresh your skin…and it will make you feel better.

My overall opinion is that I think the products at Sweetly You are great quality, at a great price. Perfect for gifts for other people and even yourself!


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