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5 Aug 2009
Somersault Snack Co


Ok, I have a confession to make. I am the world’s biggest snacker. There, I said it. People around me are always looking over to see what the ruslting noise is. Let me tell you right now – it’s a bag containing something wonderfully delicious that’s about to get devoured by yours truly. I’m definitely a salty snack kind of gal. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love sugar cookies and ice cream, but when I want a snack (mid-morning or mid-afternoon), I almost always reach for something salty. The poor vending machine gets a really good workout when I forget to bring my own snacks for the day. 😀

My latest obsession is these little crunchy, salty nuggets of yumminess called Somersaults. WAY better for you than chips, and frankly way more satisfying! It looks like a cookie, crunches like a cracker, and tastes just plain awesome. They contain a good amount of protein and fiber to stave off the hunger until the next snack or meal time. When you’re on the go and don’t have time to really sit down and make yourself something to eat, these are the perfect snack! I eat them in the morning, I eat them in the afternoon, and I eat them as a late night snack. I wish I was exaggerating. Evidence: Exhibit A on my desk right now (Salty Pepper, which is my current fave, though I love the other two flavors too).

The 2oz bags are perfect for a lunch box snack for your kids too!

Somersaults come in Sea Salt, Salty Pepper, and Chez Cocoa. However, don’t expect a cookie with the Cocoa one. It has a good cocoa flavor, but isn’t really sweet. The Sea Salt flavor is wonderfully salty and crunchy and tastes like a sunflower seed whole wheat cracker. Salty Pepper is similar, but has a punch of black pepper. If you like crunchy snacks and sunflower seeds, you should definitely give these a try.


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