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Leslie Loves Veggies & Delicae Gourmet Foods Giveaway

Delicae Gourmet Foods Giveaway ~Making Every meal Special!

Delicae Gourmet Foods

I have a Giveaway today from Delicaé Gourmet That is going to WOW you! I think *I* said it best when I said they have the Busy Mom covered from Appetizer through Dessert! (I just broke my arm pattin’ myself on the back, but it’s true! hahaha

I hope you are HUNGRY because when ya stroll on over to Delicae Gourmet! They have EVERYTHING GOURMET!

Here… Let me Tantalize your Taste Buds..
Bread Dippers
Bruschetta Toppings
Chocolate Sauces
Fruit & Wine Balsamic Glazes
and that is just to name a FEW


Slow Cooker Dinner Kits
Sante Fe Chicken with Black Beans
Italian Farm-Style Chicken

Slow Cooker Soup Kits
Caribbean Black Bean Soup
Southern Italian Pasta e Fagioli

Let me tell you.. I am SO impressed with Delicae Gourmet! Here’s the

Caribbean Black Bean Soup I made!!!!

All you do.. is put the mix in your slow cooker add Veggie Broth (and that’s it!) Cover and cook on high 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 hours or low 8 to 8 1/2 hours.
Some of the other mixes require a can of tomatoes or a can of tomato sauce.
The dinners require chicken.

*I am going to use a Veggie Chicken Substitute!

The Mixes contain No Sodium either! The ingredients are listed right on Delicae Gourmet!!
What a joy to have a HOME Cooked Meal with 5 minutes of Prep time!!

How would you LOVE to be FEASTING on Slow Cooker Soups or Dinners?

Thanks to the Generous Folks at Delicae Gourmet One Leslie Loves Veggies Reader will Receive a $25 Gift Card to use on their Products!


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