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Ponds & Leslie Loves Veggies Giveaway


POND’S WET CLEANSING TOWELETTES, the No. 1 brand of wet cleansing towelettes, gently remove make-up and even waterproof mascara. Clinical studies have shown that Pond’s towelettes remove the make-up that other brands leave behind – taking off up to 40 percent more than other leading towelettes.

I Have a SUPER Giveaway for 2 Leslie Loves Veggies Reader’s today!

My 19 year old Daughter and I recently tried Original Clean POND’S® WET CLEANSING TOWELETTES . Now ya could not have 2 different kinds of skin! She’s “The Young gotta scrub that face kinda Girl”, and I’m “The 40-something lets protect that skin and keep it young whatever because I’m not gettin’ any younger here kinda Gal!”

So we go in the Bathroom, and start to scrape the paint off the Barn Door (oh ya never heard that expression? It means… to take your makeup off!!! ha)

Dear Daughter had on a light coating and mine was a slight bit heavier in the mascara department! Pond’s Towelettes Did the trick!

NOW.. I had to do an experiment!

The next night I went back to my ahemmm expensive Department store Cleanser and washed my (aging) skin. I Woke up the next morning and took my POND’S® WET CLEANSING TOWELETTES and cleaned my face.
Holy Moly! Mascara and makeup residue on the towelette! Just goes to show, you don’t always get whatcha pay for!


3 varietes : Original Clean, Mirco-Dermabrasion, Age-Defying
Ophthalmologist and Dermatologist tested for a gentle face cleansing experience
The nice large size of the towelette!
Their soft, gentle and even get mascara off!
Love the package.. easy to toss in a Gym bag or suitcase!

Go Here for more information about POND’S® WET CLEANSING TOWELETTES and to receive a $1.50 off coupon!

Thanks to Pond’s, 2 Leslie Loves Veggies Reader’s will win a package of POND’S® WET CLEANSING TOWELETTES!


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