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Champagne Living & Skin Free Giveaway

This old skin and Skin Free Giveaway
Every time I look in the mirror at my skin, I realize the damage that I did when I was young. I’m probably a lot older than some of you (I’m not embarrassed to say that I’m 55). Back in “the day” we’d sit out on the beach having slathered baby oil over our faces and bodies to get the darkest tan that we could. Some of us even put iodine in the oil to make the tan DARKER. We weren’t aware of UV rays, sun damage, aging skin and the like.

It’s no surprise that my skin looks the way that it does. I’ve got age spots, sun damage, a small brown spot that I developed during pregnancy that never went away…..dry, creeping skin with dark circles and hollows under my eyes. I’m definitely a dermatologist and plastic surgeon’s dream (he/she could buy a new Mercedes with what it would cost to fix this face).

As a result, I jump at skin care products that make promises to prevent wrinkles, reverse sun damage and firm my sagging skin.

When the owner of Skin Free approached me about reviewing her firming cream, I was ALL IN! I was so surprised when I received my package from Skin Free, because not only had Julie sent me the Skin Free Firming Matrix Creme for Face , but she had sent me a bar of Extra Moisturizing Soap, some Acai Scrub for Sparkling Skin and a bottle of Skin Free Corrective Face Nectar.

I began my regime of using these products almost 3 weeks ago. I wanted to give them a REAL workout on my skin before I did this review. In retrospect, I wish that I had taken some “before” pictures – because the change has been dramatic. I guess you’ll just have to take my word on this. I’m not saying that I look 25 years old (I WISH!!!), but my age and sun spots have become lighter. As a matter of fact, my skin tone which was muddy looking, has lightened.

I’m just amazed that in 3 weeks time that I’ve seen such a difference. This had to be from the Skin Free Corrective Face Nectar combined with the Acai Scrub. I think that taking what must have been a layer of dead skin off of my face has made a HUGE difference. Combine that with the retinoic acid (from carrot seeds) in the Corrective Face Nectar and I’ve got skin that actually is going through a repair process.

I expected that the extra moisturizing soap wouldn’t work for me, because I haven’t used soap on my face since I was a child. I’ve always used cleansing creams and lotions. I was actually pleasantly surprised that my skin didn’t dry out from using the soap.

I DID find the Acai Scrub to be a little difficult to use. I scooped it out with my fingers the first time and ended up making a huge mess of the bathroom sink area. So, be warned – use a spoon or a popsicle stick to take it out of the jar or you’ll have olive oil and acai all over the place. In the end, it was worth the mess – because my skin looked radiant.

I noticed a LITTLE firming from the Firming Matrix cream, but my skin is creeping SO much that I think it’s going to take more than 3 weeks to see any significant change. That being said, you can feel a slight tightening when you first put the cream on in the morning.

The best part of all of this is that these products are all completely natural. Created by a pharmacist, using a doctor recommended formula for delicate, sensitive, dry and VERY dry skin, Skin Free products are

* All Natural, Vegan Ingredients
* No Perfumes
* No Petroleum Products
* No Harmful Chemicals
* No Steroids
* No Colorants
* No Greasy feeling
* No Animal Testing, Cruelty Free

Julie told me that they’re great for those with eczema and psoriasis, people with any type of skin or fragrance allergy, etc.

Right now you can buy Skin Free products both online as well as in Walgreens stores. As a matter of fact, if you purchase certain Skin Free items at Walgreens, when you send in your receipt – you’ll get a FREE PRODUCT. Also, Skin Free’s products are EXTREMELY reasonably priced. I’m used to paying at least FOUR TIMES what they charge for my skin care products.

Results – I’m giving a FULL flute of champagne for the Skin Free products that I tried, as these products DELIVERED what they claimed.


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