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BUILT NY Cargo Laptop Sleeves – Review & Give-Away


Tuesday, July 28, 2009
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So, us tech-savvy moms have a deep love for our laptops … and we seldom leave them behind. So we invest in sleeves to keep them protected while they are not in use or as we travel. But I realized recently that laptop sleeves are usually too simple. You slip your laptop in… but then what about the mouse, memory sticks … maybe your Vado camera? And you don’t want to stuff all of that INTO your sleeve, because then everything will scratch and/or become damaged.

BUILT NY, designers of neoprene totes, designed a laptop sleeve to take care of all of those issues. It’s the Cargo Laptop Sleeve which is currently available in 3 colors (Fiery Orange, Olive, Black) … with one more bright color coming soon (Fuschsia)! These laptop sleeves have protected pockets on the outside to hold all of those extra essentials when you travel, so everything is in its place and protected.

There are so many opportunities to use this sleek neoprene sleeve. Conferences like BlogHer and IZEAFest are a great example. Plus, since it is summer and many of us are traveling … it is almost a must-have!

My husband is using this neoprene sleeve, I chose the Fiery Orange so that it would make an impact and be hard to leave behind. But the Olive and Black are also great colors for men! The Black and Olive would also hide stains from curious, grubby fingers too! And women would probably love the Fiery Orange or the Fuschia.

The sleeve comes in 3 sizes, so be sure to take out your measuring tape when ordering. I have the medium sleeve and it fits on my 16″ laptop. But the large would have been the better fit. The small sleeve fits up to 13.3″ laptops, medium is up to 15.4″ and large is for 17″ laptops.

BUILT NY has a ton of cases for the tech-savvy group – from laptop bags to peanut USB holders. I mean, the holiday shopping that can be done from their site is crazy! But, also of interest, are the items for moms and food/drink. They have diaper bags and cushy changing pads, as well as oven mitts and wearable lunch packs! You have to see the whole selection to believe what they turned a simple material like neoprene (the same thing wet suits are made of) into.


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