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Polliwalks & The Mom Buzz Giveaway

Polliwalks – These Shoes Were Made for Walking! (Review & Give-Away)


Monday, July 27, 2009
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So I’ve been drooling over the cute styles Polliwalks has had for a while. First, the gator was completely appealing. I could see my sons chomping stomping all over with these! Next, the T-Rex made me think Polliwalks was cooler than the Ice Age. When they created those Fish Lips, I couldn’t stop giggling. They are open-toed and the lips change color in the sun! But … they just came up with a design that had me bite the bait – Sharkie!

Honestly, there are plenty more styles to choose from. Those are just my favorite. You can visit their online retailers to see the styles – from Sesame Street characters to LadyBugs. What makes all of these shoes super cool is that they have a “footprinter bottom”. So when you are walking on soft surfaces, like the beach or sand at a park, they leave an impression behind – literally.

Sharkie leaves an imprint of little bumps and waves. His body is cushiony – great for lots of walking. They also dry quick, making them great summer shoes at the beach or during sun showers.

I love letting my son wear them all the time, since I feel it lets air circulate around his foot in this hot, humid weather. Especially since it has little vents where the gills would be. And they are easy enough for him to take on and off by himself.

They are also easy to clean – simple wipe with a cloth. Although, if they get really filthy you can stick them in the washing machine. Just be sure to air dry them!

Sharkie comes in Navy, Black or Raspberry. All of them have a shimmery appearance to them -like a fish! I don’t think real sharks are this shimmery. But the shoes are gosh-darn cute!

I definitely think if your kid prefers Bruce to Nemo, he will love these shoes! You can buy them for $19 and up at the different retailers – like Amazon.

Buzzworthy: Polliwalks are EcoFriendly! All excess material created from molding process is recycled. They use environmentally friendly packaging – tags and hooks made from recycled paper and plastic. Minimal packaging is used. Plus environmentally friendly water based adhesives are used in manufacturing!


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