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Mommies With Cents & Peanut Butter, Sauce & Sensible Sippers Giveaway

Mommies With Cents

Do you ever sit and stare at your pantry and wonder, “What can I give my child to eat?” If you’re anything like me, I face this question all of the time whether it be for a snack or for a meal. I feel like I get stuck in a rut and feed her the same items over and over. Many times it is easier to feed her items that are not very healthy. It is so much easier to feed children healthy snacks if they are in the pantry without the junk. The same aspect goes for children that are going back to school. Pack foods that are good for them and feed their brains right.

Here are a few items from Santa Cruz Organic and R.W. Knudsen Family that you can include in your child’s lunchboxes or give as a great snack throughout the day:

Santa Cruz Organic® Peanut Butters are made with USDA certified organic peanuts and have unique flavor profiles made up of both light and dark roast varieties. Crunchy or creamy, in sandwiches or for dipping fruits and vegetables, these organic peanut butters whichever contain added sugar or hydrogenated oils are a healthy option to add to the lunch box. Also, these peanut butters were one of the few brands NOT recalled this winter. I have to admit that I am the one who mainly eats the peanut butter unless I make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for my daughter. This brand is SO awesome!

Santa Cruz Organic® Fruit Sauces keep even the pickiest of eaters entertained with a variety of flavors such as apple blackberry, apple blueberry, apple cherry and apple strawberry. Made from organic fruit and providing 100 percent of the USDA recommended daily value of vitamin C, the 4-ounce serving cups make a perfect lunch addition or afternoon snack. These are great because I can feed them to my son and they are not the “typical” applesauce only. There are many flavors!

R.W. Knudsen Family® Sensible Sippers provide a convenient way for parents to lower the amount of sugar and calories their children consumer since these juice boxes are made with 50% organic juice and 50% water. Each contains 40% less calories than traditional juices boxes and the 4-ounce boxes make it easier for tot’s petite hands to handle. Flavors include apple, mixed berry, tropical and banana. These are my daughter’s favorite. I hardly ever give her juice, but I feel completely find giving her these as they are organic and not full of sugar! She loves them!


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