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Eden Fantasys & The Mom Buzz Giveaway

Eden Fantasys – Stay and Chat? (Give-Away)

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Thursday, July 23, 2009
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I really do love everything that Eden Fantasys has to offer! They have costumes (see my review), sexy bras and panties, lots of toys … Heck, just looking at the site might give you enough incentive to have a good time with hubby!

But, honestly there is more to Eden Fantasys then just shopping. (That is just the primary reason to be there). Eden Fantasys also has a super community behind it that I discovered when snooping around. At the Eden Community you can:

* Read community updates: a portal to news, forums, interviews and more
* Join discussions and polls in the forum: Everything you could possibly want to know in regards to sex, relationships and toys.
* Read interviews and ask questions:The last interview was with Riley Steele, adult film actress!)
* Read SeXis: Where else can you learn about Eco-Friendly Sex?
* Follow the community blog
* Visit the manufacturer’s portal
* Learn more about Eden Fantasys

That’s a lot to do! And there is a lot to read, thanks to the community members. Members try out products and submit them as reviews on Eden Fantasys, helping everyone make a decision on what to buy next.

Eden’s Fantasys top reviewer is Sleeping Dreamer, who has 106 reviews. She volunteers to do your dirty work! And considering she’s been an Eden Fantasys reviewer since September 2007, I am sure she has ideas for beginners to … experts? On her profile you can read her top picks, read reviews, visit her personal blog and even send her a message.

When I was looking through Eden Fantasys, one name that always caught my eye was Bulma’s. She is another top reviewer, with a rank of 8.1 out of 10! (Sleeping Dreamer has a 9.7) She bought her first sex toy four years ago, and was a bit disappointed. But since finding Eden Fantasys, she has had a lot to say on the topic! You can visit Eden Fantasys to see her reviews of toys like the velvety remote egg or ZOMI sensual bondage set.

All-in-all, I hope you can see that there is a lot more to do than just click-and-buy. You can actually click- stay-read-learn-buy. And get a few giggles, blushes and knowledge on the way to check out! Plus, best of all, it’s a way to connect with people around you and reconnect with your spouse at home!


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