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Eighty MPH Mom & Moving Comfort Giveaway

MOVING COMFORT Sports Bra Giveaway

Moving Comfort giveaway

I don’t know about you, but if you are like me, you don’t want your “girls” bouncing around while you jog or exercise. A good sports bra is essential. Moving Comfort has a wonderful assortment of sports bras – surely something for everyone.

sports bra giveawayWhether you are an A cup or a DD, you need good support to avoid discomfort and injury. Unlike muscles which can repair themselves, breasts connective tissue are made up of suspensory Cooper’s ligaments which, when unsupported during exercise, can stretch and lead to irreversible breast sag. Think of a great-performing sports bra just like you would a pair of technical running shoes—essential equipment to help you perform your best.

A sports bra should minimize breast movement through compression, encapsulation or a combination of both.
Compression: The bra presses the breasts against the chest wall to limit movement.
Encapsulation: The bra is engineered to surround and support each breast individually, as well as give shaping.
Combination: The two methods are combined in one bra offering superior support, comfort and shaping.
women’s workout clothes
Another wonderful feature of these bras? Even when you plan to sweat, it’s no fun to feel wet—this also can lead to chafing and irritation. Staying dry is key to staying comfortable. Moving Comfort sports bras are engineered with our special DriLayer® fabrics to quickly transfer moisture away from your skin to the outside of the fabric where it disperses and evaporates.

Make sure you check out Moving Comfort’s Bra Finder, it is very helpful in assuring a proper bra fit. The have a wonderful, extensive fit guide as well, to help you in choosing the right size for the different types of apparel on the Moving Comfort site. Also, if you need a little more information about sports bras, they have a handy little section on their website called Sports Bra Basics!

A little about Moving Comfort, from their website:

We started when there were no women’s workout clothes. We know, it sounds like a faraway land and time, but really it was March 13, 1977 in Arlington, Virginia. Our two founders were women in their 20s who loved to run but hated the strange-fitting men’s shorts they had to run in.

In the 30 years since, we haven’t strayed once from our original trail. We’re proud to say that every stitch we’ve ever sewn was intended for a woman. We’ve learned a lot in the last decades about how to make clothes even better, especially when it comes to fabric technologies. Now other brands make women’s specific clothing, of course, but no other company participates in every aspect of research, design and production — from pattern room to running path — like we do.

In the last 30 years, we’ve also become obsessed with thigh rubbing, armpit chafing, cinching and pinching, which is how we created a three-part philosophy that inspires everything we do.

Quality comes first: We understand the kind of support and freedom needed in clothing, and how that clothing should feel against the skin. We know what keeps women warm and dry when it’s cold and cool and dry when it’s hot. Knowledge, expertise and high standards shape the fit, fabric and function of every garment we design. Our care and unwillingness to compromise is what makes our products high quality and reliable.
Fit affects everything: Keeping fit improves every aspect of a woman’s life: reducing the incidence of heart disease, breast cancer, osteoporosis, depression, teen pregnancies, dropouts, and drug and alcohol abuse. If a girl or woman is more comfortable when she’s working out, she’s more likely to keep at it. That’s why we view our technically superior garments — and great fit of each piece — as a means to encourage women to get fit and stay fit.

The important thing is that every woman finds her Moving Comfort.

A Fit Woman is a Powerful Woman®
Spread the word!

In addition to sports bras, Moving Comfort has other items too such as shirts, tank tops, women’s fitness tops, jackets, pants, capris, shorts, workout clothes, winter wear, accessories and much more.

WIN IT! One winner will receive a sports bra of their choice from Moving Comfort.


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