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Uppercase Living Giveaway by Mommy Works Blog

Uppercase Living Giveaway by Mommy Works Blog

Transform Your Space with Beautiful Expressions from Uppercase Living {Review and Giveaway}
Does your living room need a makeover? Or dining room, or any other room in your house for that matter? Then I have just the product you are waiting for! Quickly and easily add warmth and personality to any room in your home with a beautiful expression from Uppercase Living. Uppercase Living has hundreds of different wall art decals, called expressions, that can be easily applied to just about any surface. Expressions range from about 20 to 50 dollars and include everything from popular quotes, colorful graphics, and even custom designs. You can’t do a room makeover any cheaper than that! And, honestly, these expressions will truly give any room a beautiful facelift. All expressions are thoughtfully designed by Uppercase Living to incorporate many different aspects of beautiful design. Thus, when I was contacted about a review of Uppercase Living expressions I was definitely excited. I had heard of the company but had not tried any of their beautiful products. I have always loved personal touches in a home like a favorite quote, walls of family pictures, etc. and I feel like the Uppercase Living expressions add that “homey” touch as well. I am a fan of wall decals for their affordability and ability to transform a space without a lot of effort, time, or money. And I was so thrilled to try out some “grown up” decals.
We received these adorable flower two-part decals (meaning there are two separate sets of decals you have to apply separately that, put together, make the complete expression) to try out. These were actually fabulous ones to review as we are in the process of transforming our current office into a playroom and it is such a fun design. The hot pink flowers with their skinny brown stems were a perfect way to liven up EG’s new playroom! It also just so happened that they were the perfect size to fit between the doorway and closet, and I think the finished product looks awesome!

My biggest worry before actually applying Uppercase Living’s somewhat “permanent” decals (not really permanent because they are removable – yay!! – but they cannot be reused) was making sure they were straight and applied correctly. Luckily, the included instructions were very easy to follow and everything went on pretty smoothly. Each decal comes with arrows to help you center and use to measure. The directions are very clear and even give you extra tips if you run into a common snag (i.e. difficulty getting the decal to release from the paper). They also come with their own application tool to help you smooth out and make sure all of the expression applies correctly. After getting ready to apply the decal it turned out that even more stressful than applying the expression was getting it to release from the backing so I actually could apply it. It took a lot of patience, but it was so worth it and everything turned out beautiful!! As I stated above, the flowers were a two-step expression and Uppercase Living made it super easy to line everything up correctly. Both pieces have identical markings and, after you apply the first one, you simply line up the markings on the second decal over the first ones and everything lines up. After both decals are applied you can peel off the “markers” and have only your beautiful expression left on the wall. It turned out so nicely and I can’t wait to try out more of them! I will definitely be ordering from Uppercase Living in the future and have already picked out many more expressions I love from their idea catalog.

Want to find one you can’t live without? Then visit the Uppercase Living website and look through the beautiful expressions in the idea catalog. Most can be ordered in a multitude of colors, and there is an expression for everyone! Find one you love and see details below on how you can WIN the expression of your choice!


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