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Keurig Platinum Giveaway by Eighty MPH Mom

Keurig Platinum Review and Giveaway!!

Eighty MPH MOM

Keurig Platinum Review
I am happy to announce that I am the very proud owner of a Keurig Platinum. I have been hearing rave reviews all over blogs and the internet, and I so desperately wanted one of my own. You see, I make several trips to Starbucks during the course of a week, and it can get quite costly (and a little fattening too!). I was reading about the different K-cup flavors, and practically drooling as I went down the list of companies and varieties.

When I received an email from Shannon at the Coupon Princess, telling me that I was the winner of the Keurig Platinum giveaway at her blog, I jumped up from my chair yelling, “OMG, OMG – no way, OMG”…yes – that is what I said. One would have thought that I won a car, house or even a vacation. No, this was much better. Thank you Shannon! I also got to choose four boxes of K-cups. This was fun! It was a little hard, but when I made my final decision, the nice lady at Keurig told me it would be shipped shortly.

So I waited, and waited…by the front door. I waited, and waited some more. Okay – it actually arrived very quickly, but it seemed like an eternity because I was very anxious to receive it. Then one day, I heard the UPS guy coming to my door. It was a big box – oh boy! He was setting the box right inside my door as I looked at the return address – it was my Keurig! I screeched and hollered and scared the living daylights out of him. I have a feeling from now on he will quietly leave things on my porch and run like the dickens.

I ripped open the box and pulled out my Keurig. I set it up in the kitchen and stood and stared at it so proudly. What a beauty! I pulled out my K-cups and chose Gloria Jean’s Mudslide. Can I just say that K-cups are the cutest things ever? I filled the reservoir with water, waited for the water to warm (very quick), grabbed a mug, put my K-cup in and the brewing began. I remember thinking “this is the neatest thing ever!”. My coffee quickly finished brewing, and I started drinking. Pure heaven….and fresh, very fresh.

Keurig giveaway
I no longer need to run to Starbucks, as I can make so many different flavors here at home. There is a flavor for whatever mood I’m in. My daughter can make hot chocolate, the hubby can have plain coffee (so many to choose from!), and I can have my flavored coffees.

Over spring break, my daughter and I took a mini vacation and stayed at a hotel in Santa Cruz, right on the beach. Guess what was in our room? A Keurig! It was a smaller version that the one I had at home, but I cannot begin to describe how excited I was to see it. It made the trip even more special. Before our trip, my son was home from college for his Spring break and he discovered my Keurig and he thought it was the neatest thing. I have to admit, I am a little possessive of it. I did share with him, and after enjoying it for a few days, he had the NERVE to ask if he could take it back to college with him because it would be perfect for his dorm. I said, “hmmm…let me think about it….NO!” Being the good mom I am, I took him to the store and I bought him the personal size Keurig to take back to his dorm, as well as a couple of boxes of K-cups. Whew – that was a close one.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your spouse or significant other, you will score big points if you treat the special someone in your life to a Keurig Platinum of their very own!

I was not aware of this until recently, but there is a Keurig Coffee Club Rewards Program. I am definitely going to have to check this out. It really seems like something I should belong too. Heck, I’d belong to any Keurig Club, and I would wear their shirts, hats and whatever else I could find. I am one loyal customer, and one very proud owner. My Keurig is my baby.

KEURIG gets a big, huge thumbs up from the Eighty MPH Mom! I cannot even begin to tell you how much I am enjoying it. It is stylish, incredibly easy to use, and I can enjoy a different coffee flavor every day if I want. I love the assortment of K-cups – there are too many to list, but a few of the names are Gloria Jeans, Timothy’s, Emeril’s, and Green Mountain. You can buy a box of one flavor, or taste a selection of K-cups when you buy a variety pack. You can now also buy Iced Tea K-cups – you make it warm and serve it cold! I would never, ever go back to a regular coffee machine again – Keurig is the only way to go!


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