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As They Grow Up’s Give Away of Oreck Halo

Oreck Halo Review & Giveaway by As they Grow Up

Oreck Halo

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My old vacuum was in need of a serious upgrade. We had had it for awhile and I was just not very fond of the whole bagless part of it. Sure, at first I will admit that the thought of not having to purchase vacuum bags was very appealing. In the end, however, I hated dumping out the canister. It was unreal how much dust would just be re-released in the air. So with that being said, I began my search for a different type of vacuum. One that would work great for my family. After all, two years ago we did add my son to mix and he is always rolling around and playing in the floor.

My list for finding a great vacuum was what I considered simple, but I was having a hard time finding the perfect one. What I wanted out of a vacuum cleaner was:

1. To get the pet hair our of the carpet
2. To help kill germs
3. Not Bagless
4. Had a great suction

Honestly, this was my short list that I compiled. In the end, all my research lead me to the Oreck Halo. I had read about, researched and really felt confident that this was the vacuum that would best suit my family. My only concern was I was afraid that it would be too bulky and heavy.

Once the Oreck Halo arrived, it just took a matter of seconds to have it assembled. Usually, I am guilty of waiting for my husband to get home and assembly things, but honesty I was just too darn excited! Yes, I said it. Excited over a vacuum, sounds crazy at first but when you try an Oreck you will completely understand.

Here is a quick video where my daughter is showing how easy it is to use the Oreck Halo. No, the Oreck didn’t get her to vacuum, but I did for the sake of the video.


* One square inch of carpet can contain more than 200,000 bacteria particles,
* compared to 49 bacteria particles found on a household toilet seat.
* Carpet can contain as many as 100,000 dust mites per square yard.
* Dust mites are one of the leading causes of indoor allergies, in particular asthma.

The Oreck Halo is unlike any other vacuum out there! It’s the only vacuum that uses UV-C Technology to kill many germs that can live and breed on your carpets and hard floor surfaces. It not only kills the germs that you do see, but it also kills many of the microscopic dust mite eggs, bacteria, viruses, molds, flea eggs, and other germs you can’t see. The best thing of all is that is does all this without using any harmful chemicals. Here is a little before and after video with the Oreck Halo:

The Oreck Halo is made of up two high powered motors: One drives the “brush roll”, which makes my carpet look fantastic by fluffing it up and one delivers maximum suction and pickup, which means dirt and germs are quickly trapped inside the Oreck Halo’s HEPA 13 filter bag for safe removal. The filter bag is so tightly woven that dead germs, bacteria, viruses, allergens and mold stay inside while Oreck’s patented Sani-Seal tab prevents dust and filth from escaping. This means no more dust going up in your face from the bagless vacuums. Below is a video that shows the Oreck Halo in use:


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