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Skin Free Drawing from Leslie Loves Veggies

Skin Free
A New Direction in Skin Care has come to my rescue!! Did you see the products above? I have been using them for about a week now and I am in LUST with them!!!!

Let me tell you Why!
My skin is Dry! I gotta be honest, that’s they way I roll! I am 48, and my skin is starting to “flake out” on me, literally! I’m not that young chickie anymore! I can’t just hop outta the shower and throw on some dime store cream and hope it works! NOPE!

I was Blessed to receive these products to review and I am LOVIN’ them!!
So here we go…

Extra Moisturizing Soap Perfect for delicate, sensitive, or very dry skin. Helps with eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and acne. This has NO smell, no colors, no harmful anything and makes a really nice lather! and best of all does not leave you feeling like your skin is 10 sizes too small for your body! LOVE IT! (The Box does say to remove the soap from the shower area & allow to dry after use to prolong the life of the soap, just wanted you to be know that!)

After Shower Moisture Spritz Use immediately after your shower and towel dry to soak in rich moisture and relieve skin of itching and dryness. This is a lighter, but very effective moisturizer for daily use for all skin types. Make sure you are still very damp. I used this the first day and I was fairly dry and I was not thrilled! I tried it again while I was WET and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! My legs are Thanking me! YOU do not need a lot and it soaks right in!! This is some kinda wonderful!!!

Super Moisture Body Balm Just a few drops of this rich emollient moisturizer will saturate your skin and make it feel rejuvenated and fresh. This is an intensive moisturizer for serious skin dryness and other problems. Hello BFF!!!! This is just FABU!!! And you do NOT need a LOT! And the smell?? It has cocoa seed butter as an ingredient.. and YOU KNOW how I feel about Cocoa! It is NOT Overpowering and does NOT linger, but it is just wonderful!!!!

Whipped Tamanu Body Butter The Polynesians discovered the healing and protective properties of Tamanu oil centuries ago. We have combined the delicious Tamanu oil with Olive and Shea to make a remarkable whipped butter. Hubby is using this on his Psoriasis and he is already seeing an improvement, PLUS he just feels better!

Niaouli Butter Stick
A perfect applicator of healing Niaouli Oil and Shea Butter. Apply to cracked, dry areas on feet, hands, elbows. or wherever you need that extra boost of moisture. A just right size for traveling. This is ON NIGHTSTAND!!! I have been putting this on my feet and especially heels nightly! What a vast improvement! Gosh I love this!!

You can purchase these products from SkinFree and oh Free shipping on orders of $25 or More!! And their Customer Service is the BEST!!! I LOVE Julie & Tammy! Both Women are wonderful to work with!!!!

Skin Free® Products Are Now at Select WALGREENS Stores too!


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