"I'm Not Ready to Make Nice"

Drawing for Eden Fantasy’s Gift Card by Leslie Loves Veggies

The precious pearl is a valuable object, having adorned beautiful and famous women throughout time. Illume™ takes this concept and channels it into their breathtaking pearl-inspired candles. Presented in a shimmering cylinder with ribbon detail, a 9.7 oz scented candle offers up to 80 hours of light and fragrance to embellish your home. Choose from Keshi, a sensual mix of citrus notes, sandlewood and clove; or Freshwater, a fresh, clean combination of peach, hibiscus, orchid and vanilla.

This candle Burns FOREVER and smells sooo wonderful! It is not that HARD WAXY type of candle you are use to seeing. It is a soft, creamy, silky soy wax candle!
When I am in the mood for a little Romance.. This Candle is BURNING, like the flame in my heart!!!
So.. what if you are a little MORE DARING!!

BeBe.. Eden Fantastys has everything from MILD TO WILD!!!!
So if your looking for some sexy lingerie or some adult toys, I Promise, YOU will not be disappointed!!

Now, How would YOU like a $25 Gift Card to Eden Fantasys?


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